Bulbophyllum fascinator var alba
2.5" pot blooming size plant available for sale on offer, price between $120 to $200. (Usual price is around $50 per growth)
The plants have 4-6 growths each. 
Only 4 plants available, the plants are cutting of the selected parent, already well established and are quite strong.

The plants are the rare full alba form of Bulbophyllum fascinator with green flowers. This full alba form of Bulbophyllum fascinator has no brown or purple colour pigments on the flowers, the whole flower is green to light yellow in colour, around 20-25 cm in length.
This variety of Bulbophyllum fascinator is quite easy to bloom, and flowers quite frequently in local weather. The flower images are from the parent plant of these cuttings. 

Bulbophyllum fascinator var alba