Cattleya walkeriana semi alba 'Fukurin' X 'Fukurin' 覆輪
1.7" seedling sized plants available for sale at $25 each, $45 for 2. 
Only releasing 6 plants for sale. 
The plants are deflasked around 2 months back and has already stabilised, starting to establish in the pots. 

This variety of Cattleya walkeriana semi alba is extremely rare and hard to come by. It is highly sought after in countries like Japan and USA, and usually blooming size plants are sold for around $800-1000. This batch of plants are breed from 2 selected parents, both with the very unique purple edge on the large white petals. The flowers of both parents are large and opens flat, the flower size are around 10-12 cm. The flowers have nice fragrance. 

This variety is also hard to breed as a lot of the flasks tend to have mold, making it difficult to find flasks of this variety. Like for this cross the breeder only managed to get 4-5 good flasks from the seedpod.

Cattleya walkeriana semi alba 'Fukurin' X 'Fukurin' 覆輪