Cattleya walkeriana semi alba 'selected'
Blooming size plant potted and established in 4.5" pot available for sale at $60.
The plant has 6 growths.

These selected plant is breed from the famous walkeriana semi alba clone 'Tokyo no.1'. The flowers are large, the petals are rounder than other clones and are very flat. The labellum is dark red in colour, having strong contrast against the almost pure white petals and sepals. The plants are small in size and are only around 15 cm in height. This form of Cattleya walkeriana is rare and hard to come by, blooming size plants were sold for around $120 previously.

The flowers have strong fragrance and are quite big in size, around 8-10 cm. The flower images are from plants of the same batch. 
The plants are quite easy to bloom and my plants of the older batch managed to flower around once every 3-4 months.

Cattleya walkeriana semi alba 'selected'