Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Isle' 
Very big plant with 3 growths all linked together, currently in bloom available for sale at $3800.
The plant is mounted are very well established in the big piece of fern bark, it's already more than 20 years old, a specimen sized plant. It was a plant in my own collection, selling it as my farm is moving to location and need to get some cash to build the new farm. 

This plant is a selected Phalaenopsis gigantea with nice dark red pattern with white coloured background. The flowers are large and round. It was kept by Jumbo Orchids in Taiwan as their breeding patent and has being used to breed many seedlings. The flowers are around 6-7 cm in size with slight fragrance. 

The leaf length of the 2 smaller growths are around 30 cm. The leaf length of the biggest growth is around 35-40 cm. Each of the growths have 4-7 leaves. 

Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Isle'