Phalaenopsis gigantea Sabah type 
3.5" pot near blooming size plants available for sale at $60 each.
Only 10 plants available.
The plants have leaf span of around 30-35 cm. 

This rare form of Phalaenopsis gigantea originated from Sabah has dark red spots with pure white background, having strong contrast. The flowers are large, round and the plants can produce 20-30 flowers together on one spike. The usual flower size for matured plants are around 7-8 cm. This form of Phalaenopsis gigantea is one of the nicest form, as other forms usually have brown pattern and yellow background. It is quite uncommon and hard to come by. 

The plants are not difficult to grow. It needs slightly shady environment and it's best for the sphagnum moss to dry out slightly between waterings so to encourage more root growth. The root system of the plants are already quite strong. The plants might be able to flower around 1 year later if well grown.

Phalaenopsis gigantea Sabah type