Phalaenopsis Mituo Golden Tiger 'White Tiger' AM/AOS 
3.5" pot blooming size mericlones available for sale on offer at $58 each.
Only 8 plants available.

This variety of Phalaenopsis Mituo Golden Tiger has very unique thin green pattern, with large, round and pure white flowers. The plants flowers quite frequently. It can bloom together on multiple spikes with 5-6 flowers on each spike.

It is extremely rare for novelty Phalaenopsis to have thick green pattern and pure white background as there are no Phalaenopsis species with this kind of flowers. The thick green pattern was originally from Phalaenopsis amboinensis and the parent plant of this clone is actually a flava mutation, but with green pattern instead of usual yellow pattern of flava forms. 

Phalaenopsis Mituo Golden Tiger is breed from Phalaenopsis Magnificent Mibs and Phalaenopsis Lyndon Reflex. The plants gets the thick stripes from the Magnificent Mibs parentage and inherit the free flowering, multi-spike gene from the Lyndon Reflex parentage. The clone 'White Tiger' is probably the best one from the whole batch of seedlings, and was awarded AM. The parent plant was bought by Yaohon from Mituo at the cost of around 10000 USD.

Phalaenopsis Mituo Golden Tiger 'White Tiger' AM/AOS