Phalaenopsis Yaphon Sir 'Yaphon' 
3.5" pot blooming size plant available for sale at $40. 
Only 4 plants available. 
The plants are with spikes. 

This clone of Phalaenopsis Yaphon Sir has nice flowers with good size and colour. The flowers has dark brown pattern and yellow background, measuring around 6-7 cm in size. The fragrance of the flowers are quite strong, especially when the plants are in full bloom. This clone has won many awards across the globe due to the nice flowers and the productivity. Most recent one being the FCC given by AOS. It can easily flower on 5-6 spikes, with 3-4 big, fragrant flowers on each spike at one go. The flowers are thick and long lasting. This clone is definitely worth keeping and rewarding.

Phalaenopsis Yaphon Sir 'Yaphon'