Phalaenopsis Yin's Black Eagle 'Nobby-A' AM/AOS
2.5" pot blooming size mericlones available for sale at $120 each. 
The plants are all with flower buds. 
Only 5 plants available. 

Phalaenopsis Yin's Black Eagle is a famous Phalaenopsis hybrid between Phalaenopsis Grosbeak and Phalaenopsis Dragon Tree Eagle. This clone is probably the best clones of Phalaenopsis Yin's Black Eagle, and was awarded AM. The awarded point was even higher as compared to the clone Nobby-B. The flowers have intense colour, with dark yellow edge and red to purple center. The flowers can get to 8 cm in size, considered quite large for novelty Phalaenopsis.

This clone of Phalaenopsis Yin's Black Eagle did not just have nice flowers, it is also quite productive, able to flower on 3-4 spikes together, with 2-3 blooms on each spike, forming a really nice display as the flowers are extremely big. It is very free flowering and can flower almost continuously throughout the year if well grown. The flowers are long lasting, usually one bloom will last for at least a month. These characters made this clone highly sought after by collectors all over the world. It is definitely worth keeping in a collection and will be rewarding. 

The plants of this size for this clone are quite hard to come by. This batch of plants are produced by Nobby Nursery, the nursery that both clone Nobby-A and Nobby-B belong. For Nobby-A very limited plants were cloned, making it very difficult to come by. 

Phalaenopsis Yin's Black Eagle 'Nobby-A' AM/AOS