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Phalaenopsis Chienlung Gold Eagle 'Yaphon'

Blooming size mericlones in 2.5" pots available for sale at $60 each.

Only 5 plants available.

This selected variety of the hybrid between KS Happy Eagle and Yaphon Skype has greenish flowers with round petals and white centres. It's the first time mericlones of this variety are available for sale world-wide. It is probably one of the nicest green varieties out of all novelty Phalaenopsis hybrids. The flowers are quite large, around 6-7 cm in size and have a strong fragrance.

When I was at Yaphon personally the parent plant was in bloom. It's amazing to see the large green flower as it really stands out amongst all the other Phalaenopsis in bloom. One of the flower images was taken then.

Phalaenopsis Chienlung Gold Eagle 'Yaphon'

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